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    Quote Originally Posted by praiselightmedia View Post
    Some massive shake-up in LA radio is desperately needed.
    By listeners bored with local radio? By advertisers displeased with stations' performance? By corporate radio executives looking for a healthier bottom line? Or by a few avid fans of radio looking desperately for something new to talk about? Only the second and third are correct answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by praiselightmedia View Post
    Very true but it does talk away from the HD 1 primary signal which HD radios (many newer cars today) pick up by default for the primary freq. unless specifically tweaked in settings).
    It does not take "power" away from the HD-1. It takes bandwidth, which means the dynamic range of audio... not field strength.
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    Tom Taylor's NOW newsletter reports this morning that Saul has brought his "Unforgettables" standards format back and put it on KKGO HD-3. The Classic Country format walks the plank.

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