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    WGN Radio changes

    Robert Feder has done a news story, that WGN Radio has made a change with both their morning and evening programs, to start with Justin Kaufmann the has hosted the Download weekday nights is now going to be apart of Steve Cochran's morning show, and he will be replacing Andrea Darlas on the morning show. So he will not contribute to Steve Cochran's show and he will full in for him as well, in Steve Cochran takes a day off or goes on vacation. Now Andrea Darlas is now being shifted to nights where she will be on co-host and news anchor on the Patti Vasquez, as her show will be starting earlier if there is no Chicago White Sox or Chicago Blackhawks hockey to preempt The Patti Vasquez sow airing from 7:00-11:00. And now there is a change there that I didn't mention, The Download with Justin Kauffmann will no longer air as a WGN Radio show, but instead will be a WGN Plus podcast. On nights when the Chicago White Sox or Chicago Blackhawks will be playing, Patti Vasquez and Andrea Darlas will shift and do their show later, which Robert Feder is reporting will be 10:00-1:00 AM which realistically that won't happen they won't start at 10 PM in less the Chicago White Sox or Chicago Blackhawks are playing a night game that is being played in the Eastern Timezone. Now I know what you are thinking what will air on nights when they will be on 7:00-11:00 PM, he is reporting a new show called WGN Nightside, which will air from 11:00-1:00 AM which will be podcast clips and highlights from WGN Radio shows past and present. Nick Digilio will also have his overnight radio show expended to where he will now been from 1:00 AM to 5 AM. And the last change is that news anchor Rob Martier is out. Go to http://www.robertfeder.com to read about these changes, and he is reporting that all these changes will be effective starting on June 18th when WGN Radio will move from their longtime home in the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue, to their new home at 303 East Wacker Drive.

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    Another hour of Nick Digilio? Boy, they'll have to find even more random lists from the internet to talk about now...

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    Feder also hinted that these charges were due to their ratings being in freefall. Chicago, the last bastion of AM listenership in America, is giving up the ghost, perhaps, since WBBM can be heard on 105.9 and WGN is a shell of its former self as its demographic ages out. If they ever find a FM outlet for the Score, that will be the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulKTF View Post
    Another hour of Nick Digilio? Boy, they'll have to find even more random lists from the internet to talk about now...
    Yep, but if you are telling me that your radio only picks up WGN Radio, then I think it is time for a new radio

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    Exactly I don't know if Todd Manley has decided if he is tired of WGN Radio for pretty much the day tied for 22nd place, with 15th place for its morning show. And I don't know what Justin Kauffmann's ratings are like on the rare nights during this baseball season, when he gets a rare full 4 hour show due to either the Chicago White Sox either having a day off, or if they played an early afternoon game. Like take for example tomorrow night, he will have a second full show this week due to the Chicago White Sox having a Noon start, and Monday they had a day off. So in less the game goes on 7 or 8 hours, he will have even a rare second full show this week, I could look at their schedule but I don't think it will ever happen again for him before his show ends as a WGB Radio show.

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