Lisa Sent to Return To Radio
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Thread: Lisa Sent to Return To Radio

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    Lisa Sent to Return To Radio

    For those who thought iHeart was giving up on country, we have this today via Country Aircheck:

    Former WUSN/Chicago morning co-host Lisa Dent will join crosstown WEBG as weekend host on June 16. "Lisa is a 'Chicago Icon,' a Country Radio Hall of Famer and an amazing addition to our lineup," says Pres./iHeartMedia Chicago Region Matt Scarano. When Dent and co-host "Ramblin'" Ray Stevens exited 'USN in 2016, 'EBG paid homage to the duo by promoting the hashtag "Much Respect" and inviting them into the studio.


    Of course what the station really needs is a solid weekday morning show. Is this a rehearsal for her return to weekdays? Probably not.

    Whoops...forgive my misspelling of Dent's last name in the title!

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    Cool beans! "Big 95.5" has been doing a really good job with its presentation and playlist lately, so I hope they actually will stick with the format.

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