These are changes that are coming to Hulu.

Hulu has announced a sweeping reorganization today that displaced Chief Content Officer Joel Stillerman and two other executives in a broad realignment of its business. As the streaming service positions itself for the next wave of growth, Hulu said it will reorganize into four groups — subscriber journey, technology & products, content and advertising — and bring in new leadership to oversee some units.

Stillerman is leaving Hulu after being recruited just a year ago from AMC to expand the service’s original slate. Also departing with the reorganization are SVP Partnerships & Distribution Tim Connolly and SVP Experience Ben Smith, while SVP Content Craig Erwich, who led Hulu’s transition from low-budget programming to such ambitious, high-end dramas as The Handmaid’s Tale, will oversee original programming.

The reorganization comes as Hulu looks to maintain its growth after hitting the 20 million subscriber mark. The service will need to hold its own if Disney succeeds in its bid to acquire most of Fox’s assets — including its 30% stake in the streaming service jointly managed by Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and Time Warner. Disney would gain a controlling stake in Hulu, which would exist side-by-side with its two other direct-to-consumer services, ESPN+ and a forthcoming Disney-branded offering.