Trump Nominates Geoffrey Starks To FCC
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Thread: Trump Nominates Geoffrey Starks To FCC

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    Trump Nominates Geoffrey Starks To FCC

    An announcement has been made for the FCC seat and Geoffrey Starks will take the spot of Mignon Clyburn who quit the FCC back in April.

    On Friday evening, President Trump announced his nomination of Democrat Geoffrey Starks to fill the commissionerís seat left vacant when Mignon Clyburn quit in April. That term runs through June 30, 2022.

    Starks currently is assistant bureau chief of the commissionís Enforcement Bureau. He previously was senior counsel at the Justice Department during the Obama administration.

    According to TechCrunch, ďItís unclear as yet what his position is on the various measures currently being addressed by the FCC, from net neutrality to the revamping of media regulations. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reportedly settled on Starks as long as a couple months ago, the interim no doubt being spent on due diligence, cultivating endorsements, and so on.Ē

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    It's interesting that they've chosen someone from within the FCC, a civil servant, rather than a political person. When you look at the other commissioners, they tend to be former aides to Congressmen or lawyers from the political side. It should help with his confirmation. On the other hand, since he's representing the minority party, whatever he says will likely get over-ruled, as it was with Clyburn and Rosenworcel.

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