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    xtu hd gone

    Disney is gone from WXTU HD 3, the HD signal is still on the HD 2 with new country, but the HD 3 is deleted. The HD 2 and 3 are off WJBR so I don't know if Disney is still going to be carried on their HD 2 and Spanish on the HD 3, whats going on at Beasley headquarters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmoke View Post
    whats going on at Beasley headquarters.
    WXTU is now owned by Entercom. Beasley sold it to CBS who was bought by Entercom.

    The Radio Disney deal was done by CBS a few years ago. It's possible that deal has run its course, as it seems like RD has also been dropped by WBMP's HD-3 in NYC.

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    Who owns JBR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmoke View Post
    Who owns JBR?
    That one is Beasley, and I see they also carried RD on their HD-3. Is it still there?

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    See my previous post, both HD signals are off on JBR, just the main HD1 is on as of now. I am going to check later. RD was carried on their HD 2, Spanish was on their HD 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmoke View Post
    See my previous post, both HD signals are off on JBR
    Sorry...missed that part. It's possible that the entire RD/HD Radio thing is over. They also had done a deal with iBiquity before that company was sold.

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    The subs of JBR are back on, the HD 3 is still Spanish, but the once Disney on the HD 2 is now a simulcast of the main signal a few seconds behind. I wonder if it's a placeholder until they decide what to put on it, Classic Oldies, Standards or Alternative anyone...what does Beasley do best on their subs hmmmmm.

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    Tom Taylor today posted an article about Radio Disney on HD, quoting Scott Fybush:

    Has Radio Disney ended its national HD Radio deal?
    Scott Fybush at Northeast Radio Watch says “Philadelphia is one of several markets where Radio Disney has been quietly airing on HD Radio subchannels for the last few years, as part of an arrangement between Radio Disney and the HD Radio Alliance partners.”

    The article doesn't reach a conclusion. No one has actually spoken with anyone at either Radio Disney or the HD Radio Alliance for confirmation.

    From my recollection, there were originally two deals, both done 3 years ago, in April 2015. One was with iBiquity, the other with CBS Radio. Both apparently have ended. But so far, no actual statement from any of the principles on the decision.

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    Interesting that Tom Taylor links a post on the dentist board which refers to this thread here, rather than a direct reference. Are we pariahs?

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