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Thread: Our local Franken FMs may soon disappear

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    I was sure this was the radio forum not the tv one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by latinoradio View Post
    I was sure this was the radio forum not the tv one.
    In the case of FrankenFMs, this is a radio subject as the audio portion of analog CHannel 6 TV stations is being used as if it were a radio station.

    In particular, this is a hot subject in Chicago where WRME, a Franken FM, showed up in the top 10 in 12+ in the July book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ContinuousWave View Post
    Thought the Beaumont move was cancelled a while back..
    Checked and it was dismissed..yet KIPS filed a modification after the dismissal...in which it was falsely stated in the Environmental Statement the tower would NOT have high intensity white strobes. Ahh YES IT DO!!
    Also they filed in January an extension of the STA filed after Harvey. Funny, KIPS has been on the air since December of 2017....so they file a STA extension for an analog signal that should not be on the air since that STA was cancelled and withdrawn by the FCC?? Not sure what Daniel and crew are smoking or drinking but I'm sure I don't want any of it

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