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Thread: Ads before you listen

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    Curious how geo-targeting is controlled.....
    I listen to iHeart Radio's Real Oldies channel (from WRIT/HD2, Milwaukee) nearly every morning from ~ 4:00 to 5;30 AM....MOST of the time, the ad block is run at ~ :50 past the hour....'s national spots along with iHeart promos....
    But, perhaps once or twice in a month, I'll get local "drop-ins" -- the same 2 or 3 run on each break --- then, back to national stuff.....??!
    Who -- or WHAT -- controls who gets the local spots....and WHEN??
    NOTE: This is on my home PC.....NOT a mobile app.....if that makes any difference......

    IP address is how they detect where you are.. and as to when you get them? Whenever they have a client whos paid for it

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    I live in Knoxville, TN and am in the Asheville NC area frequently. I listen to WLW most mornings and for the longest time was getting several ads an hour from a VW dealership in Asheville

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    Now this is weird. These ads have aired several times today. If I buy frozen vegetables I get double points. Though I don't like frozen vegetables. But this knowledge is coming from a station way outside the area where this chain has stores.

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    Another weird ad. An electric cooperative that serves rural customers in several counties in my area. Obviously not in Wisconsin, but the ad reached someone who … well, I don't really get to choose my electric utility. I'm in the big corporation's territory.

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