WUBG on 1570, but what other stations on 1570?
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Thread: WUBG on 1570, but what other stations on 1570?

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    WUBG on 1570, but what other stations on 1570?

    Anyone know who else is on 1570-AM besides WUBG "Big 105.3?" WUBG was blasting in this morning on the car stereo (2010 Honda Civic) at my listening location on Kensington Avenue in New Britain, Connecticut. However from time to time some other station would come in and obliterate WUBG's signal, but it wasn't clear enough to identify.

    Also picked up Rumba 1430. It was mixing with another 1430. Maybe 1430 out of Newark, NJ? The show host was talking about the Alex Jones controversy.

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    You can go to radio-locator and do advanced search and enter freq
    CFAV Laval QC oldies
    WFLR Dundee NY country
    WVTL Amsterdam NY country
    WWCK Flint MI talk

    In the 90s I did late Sun nights at what was then WNSH Beverly with studios in Hamilton.Would turn off transmitter and hear the distant stations come in over monitor.

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