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    It just might be best, since he hasn't had good enough health to work at he has been out since April of last year, and there is no really alternative for him to go K-Hits is gone, and ME TV FM doesn't have any disc jockeys. At times you will hear a pre-recorded voice introducing a song, other then that you hear voices either live or taped that are WGN Radio news anchors that do a minute news reports with sports, traffic and weather reports. So I don't see how that will be a good fit, other then that in 3 years they have had no live djs in their studios introducing whatever song that was selected to play on the air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    I would not say "all of North America":

    Totally agree that "all of North America is absolutely a stretch. But based on my experience as a frequent business traveler, I'd extend your perimiter our perhaps 150-200 miles. Again, we're talking "consistently reliable" as opposed to to pure DX. New Orleans, Dallas, Toronto, Wichita, Winnipeg are a few places that come to mind where WLS consistently was reliable....and for the most part still is. Despite the consensus opinion that the signal is no longer as robust as it was a few decades ago.

    Winnipeg is an interesting example. CBW is nearly as reliable of a skywave signal as it gets around my Chicago area location. It routinely splatters on WMVP at my location about 30 miles from their transmitter site. And on the flip side, WLS is also dependable to this day in Winnipeg. Including in my not-so-quiet hotel room when I was there at the beginning of this month.
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