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    Question station no longer streaming via reciva

    Hi, I hope someone might be able to help me with this issue?

    I like to listen to Tucson's KCEE via wifi radio, but for the last ~ 2 wks, I'm not able to stream the broadcast via either of my 2 wifi radios even though Reciva says that the station continues to 'pass' its 'stream test'. On both radios (CCrane Wifi and Sangean), when I select KCEE, the display cycles continuously between 'connecting/retrying' -- but no audio.

    I can still listen to KCEE via their web site and I've emailed the station's contact who said he was unaware of any issue but that he had FW: my email on to the IT dept. (although I've not heard back from anyone..)

    Steps I've taken on the wifi radios (without remedy):

    1. Deleted KCEE from Reciva website and then re-added (also from website) -- along with hard reboot of radio and letting it go through 'receive Recive update' cycle

    2. Deleted KCEE from Recive website and then searched/selected KCEE from wifi radio itself

    In both cases, I'm able to add KCEE back to 'my stations' on Reciva -- but the audio stream still will not play.

    Thanks for any ideas.


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    I have a Grace Digital Radio and it uses the Reciva server and I can receive the audio stream of KCEE. I thought Reciva was exclusive to Grace Digital, but I was apparently wrong. I would contact Sangean and CC Crane about this issue. It is tough to add streams that works via Reciva from what I have seen myself. I also have an internet radio player from Vistaquest that uses the Listenlive server and it is a lot easier to add streams to the radio, as it more compatabile with a variety of streaming formats.

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    KCEE is streaming using AAC. The C. Crane Reciva Radio doesn't support all AAC streams. The Sangean radio may have the same limitation.

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    (belated) thanks for the helpful info, JBraddock! so i guess that means that sometime ca. may 2018, KCEE stopped streaming of MP3 (that my old WiFi radios could stream) and switched to AAC? (i emailed KCEE's program director with that question but didn't get a reply.) is this type of conversion likely a common trend that, over time, will happen with more and more stations and my older WiFi radios will become obsolete with no way to upgrade firmware or any way for them to stay current with evolving technology?

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