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Thread: station no longer streaming via reciva

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    Question station no longer streaming via reciva

    Hi, I hope someone might be able to help me with this issue?

    I like to listen to Tucson's KCEE via wifi radio, but for the last ~ 2 wks, I'm not able to stream the broadcast via either of my 2 wifi radios even though Reciva says that the station continues to 'pass' its 'stream test'. On both radios (CCrane Wifi and Sangean), when I select KCEE, the display cycles continuously between 'connecting/retrying' -- but no audio.

    I can still listen to KCEE via their web site and I've emailed the station's contact who said he was unaware of any issue but that he had FW: my email on to the IT dept. (although I've not heard back from anyone..)

    Steps I've taken on the wifi radios (without remedy):

    1. Deleted KCEE from Reciva website and then re-added (also from website) -- along with hard reboot of radio and letting it go through 'receive Recive update' cycle

    2. Deleted KCEE from Recive website and then searched/selected KCEE from wifi radio itself

    In both cases, I'm able to add KCEE back to 'my stations' on Reciva -- but the audio stream still will not play.

    Thanks for any ideas.


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    I have a Grace Digital Radio and it uses the Reciva server and I can receive the audio stream of KCEE. I thought Reciva was exclusive to Grace Digital, but I was apparently wrong. I would contact Sangean and CC Crane about this issue. It is tough to add streams that works via Reciva from what I have seen myself. I also have an internet radio player from Vistaquest that uses the Listenlive server and it is a lot easier to add streams to the radio, as it more compatabile with a variety of streaming formats.

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    KCEE is streaming using AAC. The C. Crane Reciva Radio doesn't support all AAC streams. The Sangean radio may have the same limitation.

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