Whats the deal with RVR

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Thread: Whats the deal with RVR

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    Whats the deal with RVR

    Emailed the support email for an RMA, got a bounce back (undelivered/unknown) from Broadcast Depot. Email Broadcast Depot a day ago no reply........(I emailed Nicom at the same time and already have an RMA for another repair BTW) I am glad this is not a repair that's needed to stay on the air.

    I don't normally share this kind of info but it seems they are good at selling units and then us the engineering community have to deal with them. Nicom, Elenos, and BW get my budget recommendations.

    If you want more details PM me

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    Being local in South Florida, with several RVR exciters, we've always found the service from RVR exceptional. We also have the ability to personally drop off/pick up our equipment at RVR/Broadcast Depot. They have some brilliant technicians and engineers who work in the field in the US and around the world. We also have several NICOM exciters, which have to be shipped to California to be serviced. We'd love to trade NICOM exciters for RVR exciters (which we are very happy with). Please let me know if interested.

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