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    old shows bad edits

    I love watching old classic shows, but most cable channels hack them to pieces in order to squeeze in more commercials. MeTV had done a better job with keeping at least some of the original footage and still running the credits. The show "Bewitched" which I loved as a kid looks rotten on AntennaTV network. Whoever did the edits did a hack job. A scene will end abrubtly mid sentence and often times there is a jump-cut that makes no sense. It makes you wonder what is missing. Often times these jump cuts will have a few leftover frames of something that got cut, that can be seen beween the jump cut.
    Another annoying thing they are doing these days is overlapping and starting a new show while the credits of the previous show is still ending. This might work if it were just a black screen with the credits, but often times the show is still playing the final scene or epilogue. The closing theme song is also cut out. Antenna, Laff, Grit and numerous others are now doing it. I know thats the modus operandi these days but it sure is annoying.

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    I know TVLAND/Nick-at-Nite do a hack job editing shows. Could Antenna TV have bought the TVLAND/Nick-At-Nite edited version of the show? I know The Hallmark Channel has the TVLAND/Nick-At-Nite edited version of I Love Lucy. I've had the Closed Caption on at the beginning of the show and it says Closed Captioned by TVLAND (or Nick-at-Nite). Also do you get the Cable Net FETV? It's Channel 323 on DirecTV and they show classic TV shows including Bewitched. I don't know if their version is any better.

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    I totally agree with you on this.

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