Huge Dxing/ tropo tunnel
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Thread: Huge Dxing/ tropo tunnel

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    Huge Dxing/ tropo tunnel

    I am able to pick up all these stations tonight.

    98.7 Jack Fm
    97.5 playing country music?
    95.5 R&B
    93.9 classic rock
    93.1 Regional Mexican
    99.9 KSAB TEJANO
    105.9 LA LEY
    107.7 and 93.5 LA JEFA
    105.1 Spanish religious
    104.7 Rap
    101.5 DIGITAL
    99.5 Norteńo
    96.1 Spanish commercials
    104.5 playing Mexican music but RDS said TODAYS HITS KBYC

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    This morning it changed

    107.7 is playing songs on English ( I want to live like there’s no tomorrow)

    92.7 commercials in English

    93.5 country
    95.1 adult hits and also country station battling it
    96.1 country
    100.9 country (I think)
    101.9 Mexican
    104.5 still Today’s classic hits
    104.7 mix 104.7
    105.1 country
    106.1 country
    106.3 commercials mentioning fort hood
    107.3 don’t know what that is but it’s in English kinda like old school jazz
    Then I drove off the parking lot and a Nother 107.3 FM station playing rock is battling it

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    Another station playing reggaetón is battling on 104.5. And either the Mexican station or the reggaetón station is called Latino Hits.

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    That station on 104.5 is "Latino Hits" out of San Antonio, owned by iHeartRadio with Reggaeton music mostly.

    La Ley 105.9 I believe is an illegal translator out of Victoria TX with no primary signal I know of and operating way more than licensed power. How else can it make it to your area? At least, 105.9 is listed as rebroadcasting KVRT. If KVRT has an HD signal playing regional Mexican music, I'd be surprised.
    The owner of La Ley is known for doing other illegal activities in San Antonio with overpowered/distorted stations. 99.9 in SA still is distorted. See
    I have a feeling they use the same engineer as that Centro group.

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