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    Quote Originally Posted by AQH View Post
    Instead, here we go again talking about specifics about other markets. Which in of itself can be relevant, but it gets tiring after awhile to see thread after thread after thread after thread seeing Seattle radio discussions get hijacked to CPPs in Miami, what Univision or EMF did in other markets or what happens in Buenos Aires.

    When a discussion about Country radio stations in Seattle moves to what happens in Argentina, it's no longer about Seattle radio, it's about the individual's ego.
    No. The point made with the references to other markets shows that nationally and even internationally, naming a station by just its dial position is a relatively common practice, and is not a "kiss of death" nor a temporary move. And listeners respond to such names, since the diary survey proves that the most common way of referring to a radio station is by its frequency.

    I see no "ego" issue here; I purposely kept away from mentioning any station I have managed or programmed. I simply gave an assortment of very successful uses of just the dial position.

    I see no reason why Seattle would be any different than other US or international markets where frequency alone is the identifier. My caveat is that such a name, today, is limited to the OTA portion of a station's distribution and is not inclusive of the new media channels; personally, I would not use just dial position today for that very reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigA View Post
    What everyone is missing is that the Wolf still hasn't replaced the numbers lost by KMPS. The focus shouldn't be on KNUC. We know why they're a 2 share. That's easy. But why hasn't the Wolf become a 4 share station? Last summer, KMPS was close to a 5. The Wolf is at the same place it was when it was competing against KMPS. Are Matt & the morning crew not gelling after a year? What was KMPS doing right that The Wolf can't copy? As I said, there appears to be an opportunity here for someone.
    KMPS was a fixture in the Seattle area. It was the station they probably grew up listening to in their parents car. (With a 40 year run, their GRANDPARENTS probably listened to it.) That may not register from the business end of it, but in a market like Seattle, it could always be a factor no matter how insignificant it looks overall.

    Where did those listeners go?

    It takes a lot to drive a country fan to the web for music everywhere else. But not in Seattle. Even the biggest local Luddite here is at least 3 degrees of separation from someone working at the Amazon/Microsoft/Adobe/Google/Facebook campuses or any number of locally based tech businesses. Either you work in tech or you know someone either directly or through an acquaintance/co-worker/friend/relative who is. And when the topic of music comes up, they offer sweet digital temptation galore.

    The only other scenario could be KMCQ - that's right, I said it, KMCQ. We won't know if it factored overall or not until the June or July books, but commercial free jukeboxes, even those with limited signals have their appeal (as witnessed by the first oldies KMCQ on 104.5 and Hot 103.7's first book.) I don't think the second KMCQ had PPM. But even without it, if KKWF/KNUC were to have a point or two bump in the coming months, that may explain something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bongwater View Post
    Either you work in tech or you know someone either directly or through an acquaintance/co-worker/friend/relative who is. And when the topic of music comes up, they offer sweet digital temptation galore.
    Which is why music can't be the only thing a radio station offers.

    There was a time when people listened to KMPS for the DJs, not the music. The music was just there. So as I said in another thread, if KNUC has a morning show that people view the way they did with Ichabod, it doesn't matter what music they play. They won't get that from Pandora or even Sirius. The thing that's caught my attention is that the Wolf appears to have topped out. That's not good.

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