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WTMX used to have a smooth jazz subchannel but it's gone.
WSHE never had a subchannel.
WFMT doesn't have one.
WBEZ's subchannel is just a simulcast of WBEW.
WBMX has a simulcast of WSCR.
WLS just has a simulcast of WLS AM.
And there are no HD3 subchannels at all in Chicago except for WOJO HD3.
The first question is how many potential HD2 listeners are there in the Chicago met area?

I've had discussions with WFMT about activating an HD2 channel. They have a treasure trove of proprietary programming plus the "Beethoven Network" and the WFMT "Jazz Network". I've been told its a matter economics and limited resources. An example might be The Studs Terkel tapes. They have chosen to make them available via their web site vs an HD2 offering.

The HD2 universe could easily be a ground for programming experimentation. The problem is that the market big guys are owned by chains HQ'd in other cities. The Chicago Market is seen as a cash cow.