Why did WDRV get rid of their channel?
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Thread: Why did WDRV get rid of their channel?

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    Why did WDRV get rid of their channel?

    The Deep Tracks Subchannel is off air now. What happened? A while ago they couldn't stream it online due to the amount of traffic into their website but now it's totally gone. As if losing WLUP wasn't enough...

    Edit: I meant to say "subchannel" in the title.
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    I had a lock on the signal yesterday, but it was just dead air, and have been wondering what's up too. They relocated to a new studio on Friday, and Friday is the last posted music log at wdrv.com. I hope it's a glitch and/or a temporary thing. It's the only reason I own HD radios!

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    Having moved stations in the past, HD subcarriers are a low priority unless there is revenue involved. I suspect Kent and his crew are simply dealing with a 100+ item punch list. Which includes getting their old operation out of Hancock. Something which can be as involved as building the new operation if the equipment is going to another market.


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