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    Star 94 is now down to a 2.5 6+...when is the last time it's been that low?
    I remember in 1990 (may have been Spring) where Star was at a 2.8. The format then was AC with jazz at night, or as I called it, "Snore 94." A 2.5 may be the lowest on record.

    The Jeff & Jenn morning show hasn't lured any of Bert's listeners away. The music mix is still all over the place. Are they CHR? Nope, there's no urban. Are they AC? Nope, too up and poppy. And why are they playing an acoustic version of "Meant To Be" by Bebe Rexha and FGL? Is the original too rockin' for Star? They have always had a reputation for playing oddball versions of songs and/or editing them beyond recognition. I remember that they edited the verses out of Maxi Priest's "Close To You" and only left three repeats of the chorus. Why play it at all??

    Star 94 is adrift and needs a total re-branding and image. Maybe the time has come to do something old-school and pick a format, name, and slogan and pound it into people's heads via TV and billboards, and then stick with it. Nothing else has worked in the last 10 years.

    Gary McKee was a force and he did an amazing job at 94 for 18 years. Steve McCoy came in after Gary and stayed nearly that long too. Problem now is that in this digital age and with most stations relying on automation and voice-tracking, there are no real local "stars" emerging to take over these morning shows and develop an identity and brand. And even if there were, stations wouldn't be apt to sit and wait for any dividends for any length of time.

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    Last time I checked, Star's playlist was virtually the same as the Mediabase Hot AC chart. Has that changed?

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