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    Entercom's Nationwide Contest

    Entercom is doing a nationwide contest. Every hour they announce a code word to text for a chance to win $1000. Locally HOT 93.7 and Lite 100.5 both run announcements "Listen each hour at Five past the hour for the new code word." Sometimes I listen to Entercom's 104.3 Jams out of Chicago on Tune-In and they make an announcement "Listen each hour at Four past the hour for the new code word." I was wondering why they're doing it a minute earlier on 104.3 Jams and how are other Entercom stations doing the contest?

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    The contest is not based on how fast you can test the code word. Listeners have to text the word sometime within the hour. Then, randomly, a winner is selected. In fact, I think the selection doesn't happen until the next day. Remember, we're dealing with several time zones. So the 7AM hour eastern is different from the 7AM Central, Mountain and Pacific. But the word is the same.

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