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    Not a promotional message - he's interviewed thousands of folks over the years and has carved out a niche in Internet broadcasting - but rather a critique. If you ever hear several of his interviews he will always wait until the interviewee is finished and then say, "We've got a great guest with us today..." Over and over. In some cases he can say this phrase up to five times in a single interview. My advice (not that you need any) but change it up! Think of other ways to say it instead of the same old thing over and over again. It's to the point where if he had an opportunity to interview Hitler, Jiggy would say, "We've got a great guest with us today..."
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    I recently found a two part interview he did with Phil Keaggy, my favorite Christian musician, on his You Tube channel. On one part it had a buzz that was so bad you couldn't hear the interview from either side. On the other part you could hear Phil, but Jiggy's part was barely listenable. I'll admit I didn't look at any other interviews on his channel, but if a lot of them are like this, it's not that great.

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