How weird will it be this weekend
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Thread: How weird will it be this weekend

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    How weird will it be this weekend

    This weekend starting tomorrow for the first time since the 2014 baseball season, baseball being played at Wrigley Field will heard on WGN Radio 720. And this time it will be the visiting team that will be heard on WGN Radio. In the past until the end of the 2014 season the Chicago Cubs called WGN Radio their flagship radio home, until the season they decided they no longer wanted to be on the station, so they signed with CBS radio and for one season only, were heard on WBBM, until switching to the Chicago White Sox's former station WSCR 670 the Score, when the later team moved to WLS AM. And this season the owner of WLS AM forced them off the station, and they signed with WGN Radio in time for spring training. So how strange will it be heard to hear baseball back being played at Wrigley Field, with this time the team broadcasting on WGN Radio will be the road team?

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    I think most of the world is over it now.
    We have to save the Earth! It's the only planet with football and beer.

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