A Second "Power" Comes To Atlanta
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Thread: A Second "Power" Comes To Atlanta

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    A Second "Power" Comes To Atlanta

    I just read about this in Rodney Ho's blog and tuned them in. The 92.3 translator, which formerly carried iHeart's The Beat, is now Power 92.3 Jamz. Rodney is reporting that the company renting the translator from Immanuel Broadcasting is Media One, owned by Enoch Kirkwood and Larry Edwards.

    I'm not at all familiar with this company but for starters, how do they not know they won't be able to continue using the Power moniker? Second, how much sense does still another Hip-Hop station make in this crowded Urban market?

    iHeart seems to be keeping The Beat on its 96.7 signal broadcasting from Tyrone. Rodney's article states that the new 92.3 is transmitting from the Chester Avenue candelabra, where WRAS has been and WSTR recently moved. I'm not even understanding that, since 92.3 had been coming from the older tower at the Richland site on Briarcliff.

    The new Power 92.3 has lower wattage than 96.7 but far more height and a much more centralized transmitter location. I still question the wisdom of creating another Urban station.

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    Cumulus ought to change Q100 BACK to Power 99 and remind everyone they were using "Power" before anyone else.

    "When broadcasting over the radio, there are certain words we must omit.
    Like 'BEEP' and 'BUZZ' and 'GOBBLE-GOBBLE', by gosh we can't even say shhhhhaving cream!"

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    I still don’t understand why Power never used the old “WAPW” call letters after they first established Labor Day Weekend 2012. Better yet why they didn’t keep the heritage call letters “WKLS.”

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    They can't quite get away with "ATLANTA POWER" 92.3 can they?

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    Station run by out-of towners

    with a promotion manager who has absolutely no idea of who's doing what in the market. "Power" worked for them elsewhere and they'll try it here. Never mind there is already one in the market.
    Then these out-of-towners go to Atlanta Citydata :
    and they scroll down to the demographics part and see that Atlanta is 50% Black. We'll program it Hip-Hop/ Urban and make money.
    Never mind there are already 15 other Hip-Hop/Urban stations in the market.

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