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Thread: Worst Sounding Radio Stations (I not talking musically or program wise)

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    There are some horrible ones out there indeed. An example would be our local AM690 out of Pueblo, Co. For years, they had a bad "phasing"? problem where it sounded like half the song was missing, usually a left or a right VU was much lower than it should be. Noticeable instruments were absent in Beatles music and other popular songs. Fortunately, they are no longer broadcasting oldies this way, because that is a huge turnoff. I even complained to them once and they never fixed the problem. What could cause such a problem? This is 2018 and such audio mishaps should not be an issue in this day and age. Or could it be cheap tech?
    They Were probably running one channel in a mono console. So you were hearing one channel on the air.
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    I remember the old WHIT in Madison, WI. 1550AM 5kw, very dirctional to the nortth. Format was automated oldies, and for a period in or around the late 1980s, IIRC, every song they played cut out for 2-3 seconds. Dead air. It also happened during commercials (which were very few in number). Very annoying to listen to, and it went on for about 2 or 3. months.
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    Currently, the worst I can think of locally is the translator for WRJZ, Knoxville in Sevierville TN. It's fed from the AM signal (at night with crosstalk underneath) which should tell you something and there are still times it's not picking up the signal.

    Retro: WERM, Wapakoneta (Moulton), Ohio. Always sounded like a tin can.
    WSLM, Salem IN. You may have seen fairly recent photos of a retro-looking, very cluttered studio. In the 70s and 80s, it sounded like many small markets, levels all over the place, distortion,, etc. Here's a sample: http://46124.info/FM/Indiana/IN%20Sa...974%20WSLM.mp3

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    WENK of Union City, TN, sounded far worse in the '70s. They had this infernal buzz that pretty much drowned out their own programming! It was like they were being jammed!

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    All channels of Sirius XM Such a low bit rate in favor of more channels. Hard to believe I still pay for it.

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    Before it went off the air a month or two ago, a translator 93.7 FM here in San Antonio sounded like poison, literally! Loud humming in the audio, and not only that the programming cut in and out toggling on and off every second. Waste of electricity and I'm glad it's off the air now if they are going to use such bad engineers.

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    LOL the 93.7 translator came back on the air a day or two ago. It still has the loud humming in the audio constantly, but at least it's not toggling on/off every second. Still though something seems funny about the name on their CP application. It seems like a strong coincidence that the name on it is Christian Wertz and it's Catholic talk.

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