Splitting a composite feed

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Thread: Splitting a composite feed

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    Splitting a composite feed

    Usually if I've wanted to split the composite feed from the audio processor to more than one device, I've just used a BNC "T" and compensated for the loss on the devices in question. Is there a more elegant, but cost effective way to do this? Has anyone tried using a composite video DA (Distribution Amp)? Since most TV stations have ventured off into the digital world, they are commonly available and quite inexpensive. Just wondering....

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    I used an Excalibur CDA-1 at one installation with good results.

    It's a 1X3, and a bit under $400, iirc.

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    A good quality video DA usually works well. Especially if it has independent output level adjustments.

    Just teeing-off a composite audio run is a bad idea. The impedance goes weird and levels drop accordingly.

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