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Thread: 99.1 in Denver

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    99.1 in Denver

    I see that KBPI moved from 106.7 to 107.9 to make room for some station called "The Bull" on 106.7 (Which USED TO BE on 107.9 as a NoCo station ??) but WTH is on 99.1 ??

    I can't figure out if it's Latin music they're playing or if they're stunting to figure out WHAT they wanna be

    If they're still trying to figure out what they wanna be, might I suggest something ?? Instead of trying to compete against the long established 96.5 (A battle which IT WILL lose), why not take what 93.7 does & put it on (What seems to be a stronger) 99.1 signal (Basically put - COMPETE AGAINST IT !!)

    If they don't do that, then why not try a hybrid Rock/Talk format that takes talk radio & brings it to a younger generation ?? Hey.....Never know.....It COULD be crazy enough to succeed

    Thoughts ??
    Pat Cook, KB0OXD (Ham Radio Callsign)

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    99.1 is KGNU's (88.5 primary FM and also on AM) new translator located on their AM tower near 285 and Santa Fe. It's very low power, but I wish it wasn't there. They wiped out a Fort Collins station I used to listen to.

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    Yeah I quickly discovered that when I tuned in again & heard the call letters during an announcement

    And isn't 99.1 in Fort Collins a full powered station ?? If so, how is it a low-powered translator wipes it out (Even by way of location) ?? I don't get that.....
    Pat Cook, KB0OXD (Ham Radio Callsign)

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    Sorry, I meant they wiped out my listening of the Fort Collins station (and anyone near the new translator like me). Technically out of their service area, but I had them very clear and can't hear them at all now.

    I could have filed a complaint, but I didn't because they might just move them to a worse frequency (for me). Plus the FCC is redoing the rules related to complaints from distant listeners of full power stations.

    In my selfish world it was nothing but bad, because I could already listen to KGNU clearly also on their main FM frequency, but I suppose there are people who are happy. The translator serving area is quite small and their power very low.

    I'm not a big fan of new translators related to this "AM revival" stuff, which is how KGNU put this one up I'm sure (It's mounted to their AM tower).

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    I usually hear static on that station.

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    Right now KGNU's translator is off and I can hear K99 again from Fort Collins. Would not break my heart if they left it off.

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    I think they should turn 99.1 into a Disney type kids station. And market it like KDDZ use to in denver.

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    They are back up now.

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