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Thread: Cleanest/best sounding radio station in your area?

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    Here in San Antonio I would have to say that KSYM 90.1, owned by a local college, sounds great with the processing, as there's not a lot of compression. KRTU 91.7 FM, owned by another school, sounds good too.

    Here's how my part 15 FM sounds when it's on the air. I'm using Stereo Tool on my PC for the processing, but the transmitter isn't that good hence the somewhat muffled sound. But it sounds okay at least.

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    Still tweaking my Optimod 8100A1 on my Part 15 here......there's some compromise since I'm only on 8 hours a week - 4 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday - and Saturday's format is '50s and '60s oldies,
    while Sunday it's news and public affairs stuff....
    If I figure out how to upload a sample of my audio, I'll let others decide just how it sounds....but i dare say -- it's gotta be better than MOST of the commercial stations within 35 miles of my location!!
    I REFUSE to fight in the "loudness war"!!!

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    Oldie I used a Sandisk portable MP3 player to record my station. Most of them have recording features. If you don't have an MP3 player hook up a radio into your computer and use Audacity to record.

    I used SendSpace to upload my file and share it, but there are tons of file sharing services out there you can use once you have your MP3 or whatever.

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    Thanks for the info.....I actually have an iPod Nano that hasn't seen much use lately.....Guess it's time to charge it up and put it to use (again....)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wimmmex View Post
    You mean the one with the most processed ULTRA-compressed audio? ;-)
    That's the one! P=)
    ~Uncle Kaimbridge~

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