Denis O'Hayer to Retire from WABE
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Thread: Denis O'Hayer to Retire from WABE

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    Denis O'Hayer to Retire from WABE

    Denis O'Hayer will retire as WABE's local host of Morning Edition after a 42-year career in broadcasting.

    When I moved to Atlanta in 1994, Denis was anchor of WGST's evening news program, "60 at 6." Since then he was on WXIA-TV and WPBA-TV before becoming afternoon drive host on WABE.

    I can tell from listening that he strives for excellence in his announcing and in being well-versed in local and national affairs. After retiring from mornings he will be heard on WABE and seen on WPBA from time to time as a political contributor.

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    Denis is a real pro. He was news anchor and reporter at GST back in my days, well before he began hosting 60 at Six, but that was when everybody else noticed him too and off he went to TV.

    But unlike many people, Denis never ever changed and never ever stopped being a real impartial reporter. Try being that in TV! Was glad when he landed at WABE and listening to him is like nothing has changed in all these years. Going to miss hearing him. His retirement is very well earned.
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