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Thread: The other shoe drops...1690 WMLB shutting down

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    We are talking about a station on 1690 that barely covers a third of Fulton and Dekalb counties in a metro with 20 counties and about the worst ground conductivity of any of the major metros. They put a 5 mV/M over 730,000 people in a market of nearly 6 million... and the ITU says that 15 mV/M is now the minimum for covering noisy metros.

    At night, when it goes to 1 kw, it pretty much does not cover anything.

    10 kw on 1690 will get less coverage than 100 watts at 550. It's just a horrible frequency.

    The only option is to lease it to a religious or ethnic group.
    You can't make a go of an AM station unless you have a decent night signal to get winter drivetime OTP. That leaves two in the market, and the only two that get meaningful ratings.

    If WGST 640 can't get more than a tenth of a share with the resources of iHeartClearChannel behind it, then 1690 hasn't a chance.
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    They had a good signal into the spaghetti junction area at night (15-20 miles away). Which brings me to the question, what happens to the Stephanie Miller Show, which aired from 10P-12Midnight? But they could have been staying at their daytime power. And then my select-a-tenna could just be really pulling them in. And 1690 is almost a clear channel since there are very few stations on that frequency.
    The new owners of 1160 (CIA-Catholics In Action) are carrying an announcement requesting donation$ of $1.1M "to complete the sale and buy equipment."
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightmanager View Post
    I used to live near that station and never even tried to hear it.

    Given the poor footprint and coverage area, there's a limit to the ethnic groups who would even be served by that signal. They aren't going to reach the areas with Korean or Japanese or even Hispanic listeners. Islam is big around the station and may well be the only one viable.
    Are you talking about 1160 or 1690? 1160 was sold to a Catholic group so their format is settled. 1690 is the subject of this thread, and their signal is centrally located and in daytime is heard clearly across the market.

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    The real winner in this story is whoever had the foresight to buy an AM in Adel, GA, move it to Atlanta, and then flip it for 12 Million.

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    I haven't read through this entire thread, but how does a guy invest 8 figures in Atlanta AM radio and not be first in line on the translator rush of 2008-2009 ? He could have had translators for both stations for $250k put together. Particularly when the man that sold him 1690 is a foremost authority on translators and technical engineering! (And was instrumental on getting all of my AMs on FM around that time.)

    Heck, I tried to get his GM to buy one of my translators. It was still at a time when Atlanta spectrum space could be had.
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