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    WIND Jingles

    When WIND was Hot AC/Adult CHR/Chicken Rock, in the early 1970s, they played a lot of Oldies on weekends, "WIND Number One Music" was a jingle they played between songs. Does anyone have a link to that jingle? Would that work for MeTV FM? "Me TV FM Number One Music".

    G# E E8va C# B C# D# E F# D#
    Me T V F M Num ber 1 Mu sic
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    Maybe it sounds better with the first note A instead of G#.

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    I don't have the jingle, but I remember the format. There was one weekend where WIND played the Top 100 records of all time. That was an enjoyable format.

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    By the time I was around 20, I didn't miss the harder rock and unedited AOR tracks that they were playing on Top 40 and FM stations much. Singles edits leave out a lot of what amounts to Outtakes/pseudo improvisation. They tend to be tiresome to listen to, the repetitive parts, after you hear them a few times.

    The only over edited one that sticks out in my mind is the one that WLS played of "Nights On Broadway" by the Bee Gees. (I will wait, even if it takes forever.../piano accompaniment) break was left out. Best part of the song.
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    Amen...very few songs benefitted by having a longer than a four or maybe 5 minute run time. Most of the time it sounded like what you'd find at....uh, "Masters' Fisherman Supply at The River."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Wayne View Post
    A much subdued Tulu Baby than what we heard on WCF and L.
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