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    Thank you, GG for filling in the gaps. Very interesting and helpful explanation!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LITTLEBOYBLUE View Post
    "Studio" (KKDZ) used to be 1st Ave W ... Lower Queen Anne about a block down from Bentley's restaurant in an office building. KZIZ was with the others at 26th & Jackson. I would think they, at least, need a RACK somewhere in this market to be able to feed the transmitter; but not sure anything else is involved these days. KKDZ, before Disney, was in the Arcade building at 2nd & Union (KidStar); before that K-Fox. Of course the Xmitter site (Kirkland/Rose Hill) has been bulldozed and turned into townhomes; so they are sharing the tower @ Pigeon Pt in West Seattle.
    About how far down is that from Rogers Park? My first daycare was just down the hill from there, we would walk up there pretty frequently.

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    It was in Martin Selig's "First West Bulding". 200 1st Ave., W.

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