Luiz Jiménez out of WXNY
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Thread: Luiz Jiménez out of WXNY

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    I’m sad

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    While the morning show is music intensive for now, beginning Monday 4/30/18 the new midday show “La Bella & El Duro” (The Beauty and the Tough Guy) will debut,
    hosted by Francisca Lachapel, co-host of Univision’s “Despierta América” and Brea Frank, most recently a DJ and TV host in the Dominican Republic.

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    Apparently the new midday show is intended as counter programming against the popular Alex Sensation on La Mega.
    It is interesting that X96.3's ratings remain so low, while rival La Mega 97.9 is among the top rated stations in the area. The programming on both stations seems so similar. In contrast, Power 105 and Hot 97 are also quite similar, and each receives ratings that are not much different from the other.

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