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Thread: Can ads be local?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will_H_69_9 View Post
    was this on a iHeartrRadio stream of a iHeartMedia radio station.
    iHeart on a TiVo, but a Cumulus station.

    They've had several ads start and then quickly stop for a different ad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidEduardo View Post

    Many stations subcontract the web ads. Those aggregators insert ads based on where you are logged on from.
    And for those of you using a VPN (which everyone should be doing these days) your "location" will be the VPN server and not your actual physical location.
    Illegitimi non carborundum

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    Regardless of what is taking place, the first ad always seems to start late after another ad aired for a few seconds. I should report this.

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    This reminds me of cable TV ad inserts years ago .Watching an out of area stations like WCBS,WABC,WNBC,ETC from NYC of Boston .They insert local ads during the ad breaks.Most of the time its was sloppy and clip a few seconds off going to a ad break and coming back to the show. The Syndex rule killed some of it with the syndie shows and just blanking out the channel altogether..

    For radio.I have not pay any attention with that lately.Stations that I do listen online airs everything that goes OTA .No insert ads there. ...

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    I reported the problem to WNAM, and I did get a response saying yes, ads that are heard online are different from ads heard over the air. The problem has not been fixed and many of the commercials air for a few seconds and then get interrupted by the "correct" ad. You have to figure people who wanted to hear more from the wrong ad are disappointed when this happens.

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