WATB...err, WWSZ
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Thread: WATB...err, WWSZ

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    WATB...err, WWSZ

    Just heard Streetz's new legal mentioning WWSZ Decatur. Any info on when they started simulcasting on 1420? (And I know why they did it; likely because ETM owns V103 now and they may boot them off of Star's HD3 in the near future, so something has to feed the tx.)

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    Didn't even think about the entercom thing but consistently the HD 3 signal on my car radio was hard to pick up even though the HD2 was very consistant on 94.1fm. 94.1 hd 3 was often blank so nothing suprises me. i just sampled 94.1 hd again and while i jamming to hd2 it acted like hd3 was a option but i couldn't get anything.

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