Best Buy to Sell TV's that has Amazon TV Fire Included

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Thread: Best Buy to Sell TV's that has Amazon TV Fire Included

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    Best Buy to Sell TV's that has Amazon TV Fire Included

    In its quest to get more consumers to use its Fire TV products, Amazon announced an unusual partnership Wednesday: The company has teamed up with Best Buy to sell 11 TV sets powered by Amazonís Fire smart TV operating system this year.

    ďWeíre super excited about this partnership,Ē Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said during a media briefing with a handful of reporters in a Best Buy store near Amazonís Seattle headquarters Tuesday.

    As part of this multi-year partnership, Best Buy is becoming the exclusive retail partner to sell Fire TV Edition TVs, as these devices are officially called, made by Toshiba as well as Best Buyís own house brand, Insignia. Best Buy will also sell the TV sets on its own website, and will for the first time in its history become an official Amazon seller and offer the devices through

    Fire TV Edition TVs offer essentially the same user interface and apps as Amazonís existing Fire TV streaming devices, with the addition of a few TV-specific features. This includes a live TV guide with program information for over-the-air broadcast channels as well as picture-in-picture-like previews of any connected devices, be it a Blu-ray player or a game console.

    Wednesdayís announcement was short on some key technical details. We donít know yet which display sizes the TV sets will have, or for how much they are going to sell. The 11 models that are going to ship this year will include both 4-K and HD TVs , which suggests that at least some of them will be on the more affordable side. Both companies said that they will start selling some TVs this summer, and announce additional details in time.

    However, even without those details, the announcement is significant. For one thing, it demonstrates Amazonís continued foray into the home, where it is already present with its own Fire TV streaming devices as well as tens of millions of Amazon Echo smart speakers.

    But beyond that, the partnership between the e-commerce giant and the retail chain also shows Amazonís increased ambitions to show off its products in physical retail locations, and its willingness to partner with perceived arch rivals to do so
    Yes its Best Buy adapting with the times and yes Selling internet connected TV's using Amazon Fire TV Operating system is one of them.

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    It makes sense since they have been selling sets with Roku built in for a while now. Could Walmart be next?

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