Philadelphia Radio PPM Ratings: March 2018
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Thread: Philadelphia Radio PPM Ratings: March 2018

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    Philadelphia Radio PPM Ratings: March 2018

    The March 2018 ratings March 1 - March 28

    . Any thoughts?
    Julius May, Philadelphia PA.

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    What accounts for the fluctuations at WOGL? Is it more the result of what they're doing or of what other stations are doing? Maybe people are really ready for an '80s station (just as I am ready for a '90s station).

    When's the last time KYW was at 6.0? Is it because we've had so much late snow?

    WISX continues a slow climb. I wonder how this format is doing for them revenue-wise (versus the previous format).

    Aside from the much-anticipated interception at WIP, not much else interesting there.

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