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    So, I was driving home from work and decided to get my workout radio in. Well, I tuned to 102.1 HD-2 only to hear the Edge so the Edge has been reincarnationed to their HD-2 signal. Don't know if I should be happy or sad. Thoughts anyone?

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    Thanks for the info! I just tuned it in and so far I am impressed. I wish they'd move it back FM and put Star on HD-2. We could have an ALT vs Edge war...

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    Any idea why there is no link to the HD-2 "Edge" on the Star website?

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    Link to what is airing on KDGE-HD2:

    Link to add to a media player playlist (copy + paste text only between the arrows):


    It is iHeart Radio's "Rock Workout Radio Live" channel which has been on KDGE-HD2 since 2/1/2018.

    Similar to other iHeart Radio online digital stations, it is given a slot on an HD2 (or HD3) channel in the iHeart stable
    of stations so it can qualify for "over-the-air" status, thus lowering the rates iHeart has to pay for music royalties.

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    I don't have an HD radio but I'm guessing that it's just a mainstream/active rock station on HD2 and not alternative, right? Have they used the name "102.1 The Edge" on that station? So far online, I heard Aerosmith and I know the Edge never played Aerosmith.

    If I would want the Edge to come back, I hope it's just 80s/90s rock alternative with some 2000s. Leave the newer music to Alt instead.

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    Yes, you must have an HD radio to listen to 102.1 The Edge. The Edge has returned to 102.1 HD-2. 102.1 Dropped the Work Out Rock Radio and was replaced with the EDGE. They are using the EGDE moniker playing Alternative Rock as they never left. I do wonder why there is no stream for it. For those who do not have an HD radio there is no possible way to listen to KDGE The Edge. Luckily I have a cheap Insignia Taptop HD radio in my house and a 2015 Dodge Charger 8.4 uConnet that is equipped with an HD radio.
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    Good catch! It's very much like the Edge never left. Hearing the Cure and Fitz & The Tantrums back to back is cool.
    While I know I'm one of the few who has HD radio, there's a part of me that says it's a good thing they don't stream this station.
    Maybe they could promote having people actually listen to a radio to hear the radio stations.

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    For those who said Alternative would never come back to the DFW, well, you know what you can do!

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    ALT 103.7, 91.7 kxt and now 102.1 (HD-2) The Edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jefffwd View Post
    ALT 103.7, 91.7 kxt and now 102.1 (HD-2) The Edge.
    and 97.1 The Eagle has some Alt Rock acts to their newer half of their Rock playlist, but you have sit thought classic rock hits and metal hits to get to those hits.

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