97.3 The Machine Flushed for 97.3 The Fan - Debuts Thu. 4/12/18
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Thread: 97.3 The Machine Flushed for 97.3 The Fan - Debuts Thu. 4/12/18

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    97.3 The Machine Flushed for 97.3 The Fan - Debuts Thu. 4/12/18

    The RAMP Newsletter reports that Entercom San Diego SVP/Market Manager Bob Bolinger said
    (without mentioning Kevin Klein by name):
    "After a recent off-air tweet, we took the opportunity to step back, listen to the important feedback
    from the community and our partners, the Padres, and reevaluate the path forward...
    we determined the right thing to do was to go 100% all-in (on a sports format)."

    Story link: https://t.e2ma.net/message/ea1f8d/2cz2il

    and from the SD Union Tribune:


    97.3 The Fan debuts on Thursday 4/12/2018
    at 5 AM PT with the following schedule:

    5 AM - 9 AM: Dan Sileo (moves from the 10 AM - 2 PM slot he had on The Machine)

    9 AM - Noon: Jim Rome
    (via CBS Sports Radio; a return to the market after being replaced
    by Dan Le Betard and Stugotz on Mighty 1090 a few months ago)

    Noon - 3 PM: Doug Gottlieb (via FOX Sports Radio)

    3 PM - 7 PM: Chris Ello with Tony Gwynn Jr.

    7 PM - Midnight: mostly Padres baseball broadcasts with
    day games and east coast road games infiltrating the afternoon schedule;
    otherwise "Open"

    Midnight - 5 AM: "Open" - could be a national network feed from in-house CBS Sports Radio
    as FOX Sports Radio already airs on KLSD 1360 and
    ESPN Radio already airs on XEPRS 1090 and XEPE 1700.
    Other possible networks include NBC Sports Radio and SB Nation Radio.

    Further info from Entercom press release:


    Website: www.973TheFanSD.com
    Twitter: @973TheFanSD
    Facebook and Instagram: @973TheFan

    97.3 The Fan SD will be the new home of the NFL and the NCAA in San Diego, beginning with the 2018-19 season.
    This will include the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl and NCAA March Madness.
    Those games had previously aired on KLSD 1360 FOX Sports.
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    New Logo Gives Clue as to New Call Letters for 97.3 The Fan San Diego

    New Logo URL gives a clue as to the new call letters for 97.3 The Fan San Diego:

    http://assets.radio.com/images/stations/KQFNFM.png (on white background)

    The KQFN calls are currently in use at KQFN AM 1580 Tempe, AZ (Phoenix market) which is an
    All Sports station "1580 The Fanatic also on 99.3 FM" (owned by CRC Broadcasting Company, Inc.).


    (on black or maybe a really deep midnight blue background; the frequency "97.3" gets buried in the background)

    Listen Live player link at www.Radio.com has been updated with new logo/graphics -
    (player takes a while - about 5-10 seconds - to start streaming)


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    I guess either XEPRS 1090 will have to give up its affiliation with CBS Sports, which it runs nights and weekends, or KEGY will have to use another sports network, now that it's not going to play Classic Rock and Comedy album routines as overnight and weekend filler.

    ESPN is on 1700 and Fox Sports is on 1360. So either 1090 or 97.3 could affiliate with NBC Sports Radio or SB Nation, with NBC obviously the better of the two. It's interesting that in Atlanta, CBS started an FM Sports station on 92.9 WZGC, which had been a rock station. But 680 WCNN was already a CBS Sports affiliate. So WZGC is one of only two sports stations that I know of that has local hosts around the clock, even overnight, even weekends. The other is WFAN-AM-FM in NYC.

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    Why is 973themachine.radio.com still live and not redirecting to The Fan? I guess we have solid confirmation Entercom is not very web and social savvy. 😜

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    But, what about Kevin Klein? Is he still under contract? Will Ally be able to make her Honda payments?

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    Update Adam Klug is named as PD for 97.3 The Fan San Diego.

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    Are the Padres happy, now???

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