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    Quote Originally Posted by PettyCrimes View Post
    If 99X gets back on the air, Atlanta have 3 Alternative stations, with each skewing differently: 99X - newer alternative, Alt 105.7 - 90s to current harder alternative, and The Other side of the River 97.7 with mostly classic alternative. I can’t help but think that if TOSOTR got a decently strong metro signal it would outperform the other 2 the way 97.1 The River rules Atlanta rock radio with classic rock hits.
    I agree. I love listening to TOSOTR. I think because of its limited signal, most of metro Atlanta hasnít really gotten a chance to hear it. They would love to have this format playing on a much bigger signal, if they knew it existed. It plays nearly all of the 99X era music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secondchoice View Post

    If you count the WBIE days Kicks 101 could be one of the oldest continuous type of music stations in the market.
    WBIE/WKHX is indeed the longest running format on the dial--country since 1968 (50 years).

    The oldest callsign on the commercial FM side is, of course, WSB-FM (1948). Second place is WZGC (1972).

    The oldest moniker is V-103 (1977). It used to be 96 Rock (1974).
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    Cumulus is keeping it alive just to keep some else from using the channel.
    That theory makes no sense.

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