Entercom Launches El Zol Deportes
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Thread: Entercom Launches El Zol Deportes

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    Entercom Launches El Zol Deportes


    The Sports/Talk format is on 1580AM WJFK

    Entercom launches Spanish-language sports "El Zol Deportes on 1580 AM" on WJFK-AM and WLZL-FM-HD2 (107.9) in Washington, DC. The new station will feature a mix of locally produced and syndicated Sports/Talk programming from ESPN Deportes as well as a full slate of live Spanish-language play-by-play. El Zol Deportes is an extension of Entercom's Hispanic hits music station, "El Zol 107.9."

    El Zol Deportes will offer Washington, DC, listeners the Spanish-language radio call of Major League Soccer Game of the Week as well as major international soccer leagues such as UEFA, Liga MX and FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. In addition, the station will air Spanish play-by-play of ESPN's Monday Night Football, Major League Baseball and the NBA playoffs.
    The new El Zol Deportes will also feature the locally produced "Deportes al Dia con Rey Parker," airing weekdays from 3-5pm ET. In addition, the station will air ESPN Deportes featuring syndicated "Jorge Ramos Y Su Banda," airing weekday afternoons from 5-7pm. El Zol Deportes will also partner with 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C.

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    This happens so often. There are General Managers around the East Coast of the U.S. who say to themselves, I have an AM station in an area with lots of Spanish-speaking people. Hey, I'll put ESPN Deportes on it, and get young men who speak Spanish listening to my radio station! It was tried in places like Philadelphia, Allentown, Atlanta, Providence and Boston. And in each case it failed. There is a 50,000 watt ESPN Deportes affiliate in NYC, owned by ESPN/Disney, that gets no ratings, despite a good signal.

    ESPN Deportes is NOT generic sports in Spanish. ESPN Deportes is aimed at Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, while WLZL is a Tropical music station, aimed at Spanish-speaking listeners, mostly from the Caribbean. This would be like owning an American Hot AC station on FM and putting a simulcast of London's Talk Sport on your AM station, with hosts with English accents, discussing British soccer and cricket.

    ESPN Deportes spends almost all its time, with Mexican-accented hosts, some of them broadcasting from studios in Mexico, discussing Mexican and international soccer, with occasional talk about American baseball and basketball. This is of little interest to Latinos who trace their roots to the Caribbean.

    There is no Regional Mexican station, FM or AM, in the Washington area. That's because there aren't enough Mexican immigrants to support it. So why put on a Sports station that's oriented to Mexicans? Because it's easy. You just plug it in and you've got 24/7 sports in Spanish. ESPN Deportes stations do get some ratings in the West and Southwest. Univision even created its own Mexican-oriented 24/7 sports network, with many of its AM stations now running it.

    But none of it has anything to do with the sports interests of Hispanics from the Caribbean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregg. View Post
    There is no Regional Mexican station, FM or AM, in the Washington area.
    WBQH 1050 and WKDV 1460 are regional Mexican formats, AMs with FM translators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DXingRadio View Post
    WBQH 1050 and WKDV 1460 are regional Mexican formats, AMs with FM translators.
    And both have growing billing of a bit over $500 k a year, which is not bad for such mediocre technical facilities.

    WQBH actually gets around between a 0.2 and 0.5 share, while WKDV, being on the outskirts of the market does not show in some books and is around a 0.1 or 0.2 in others.

    It is significant to note that a lot of Salvadorans love Regional Mexican formats; the top station in San Salvador has that format.
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