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Thread: NOAA National Weather Service Radio

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    Some of those stations have awful reception for whatever reason. I noticed the loud phone line hum on KHB35 and to a lesser extent WXJ39. I've also noticed that KEC73 and WXL93 voices sound a little different and lighter than the others from Taunton. I have to rely sometimes on Taunton despite being in Connecticut because KHB47 is extremely unreliable and the reception is awful
    They finally got Hyannis back on within the last week when the phone line was repaired. Feeding the approximately 1000 stations, many in hard-to-reach locations, via phone lines can't be the cheapest way. Possibly using satellite or point-to-point microwave links, similar to TV/radio STL, between sites would work.

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    Great! I used to stay in Welfleet in the Summer and KEC73's signal wasn't the greatest up there. I kept having to move the antenna around and when in the car it suffered a lot of "Picket fencing" or whatever it's called. I remember quickly stopping in P Town and KEC73 changed over to KDO95 in Falmouth ME. Sadly, it seems that KEC73 is more geared for New Bedford to Hyannis because it comes in Crystal Clear there.

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    You might want to get an external antenna for your weather radio to improve reception.

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    that is with an external antenna

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