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    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Bob Stroud introduced "two-fer Tuesdays" here in the Chicago market 20-or so years ago....if not earlier.
    I was going to point that out too. I recall hearing it at least as early as 1985 on WLUP (that's when Stroud was there, as well as working on production/imaging I think). IMO it belongs on The Drive now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTListener View Post
    It's the most irritating thing about SiriusXM. Despite its being based in the nation's media capital, its promos and sweepers are full of small/medium-market "Hey! Look what I can do!" production gimmickry -- noisy whiz-bang sound effects, phased audio, voices pinched to telephone-line quality, etc. They seem to want to match each channel's imaging with a suitable stereotypical VO approach: a "slacker"-sounding female for the '90s grunge channel, a happy-sounding African-American male for NBA Radio, a painfully phony testosterone-laden "aggressive" VO with overtones of small-market "puker" for NFL Radio, a ridiculous, difficult-to-describe, "edgy" male VO for the promos for the MMA/wrestling channel Rush. Why?
    Not to be contentious, but with all encouragement, why don't you send them some of your work. I concur with your assessment and hear the same thing in the four major markets and numerous medium markets that I pass through in my non-radio job each month. It's follow the leader, flavor of the day stuff, whether the voice is male or female. The approach in a lot of companies and markets must be dictated by the PDs and managers of the stations who hear "what works" at other stations that have the same format, especially when one PD calls the shots for three clusters. That phone EQ technique came about at least 20 years ago from one of the highly sought after CHR voice guys who did about 30 stations. The guy passed away years ago, but he must have made a fortune with his detached, hipper than hip phone EQ presentation. BTW, Bill St. James has one of the most respectable deliveries and multi-format voices I've ever heard on radio and network TV. I've heard some stations that used him years ago and still run his stuff, probably without paying residuals. Some of it is hyper EQd and compressed with whooshes and zaps, too. I wonder if "voice only" imaging will make a comeback.

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