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Thread: What format/media type for music?

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    Hard drive storage is relatively inexpensive nowadays. Another file format that is lossless is flac. The clicks and pops you hear that may have been uncleaned vinyl dubs from the 1980s perhaps. I know TM Century at one time did vinyl dubs.
    Their gold disk category had them for a while, and even the hit disks had a few early on, before CD service from record companies was standard... Then they would reservice them from an original CD source. This was in the very early 1990's.

    Where I worked we sometimes used vinyl, and if the records were very bad you'd put water on the track and it would sometimes quiet a noisy record down... That and the pop filter on the rack would often do the trick. Whatever they couldn't take out, the razorblade would have to be used to remove it from the tape.

    Vinyl, record, CD, tape, DAT -- all ancient tech now.

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    Broadcast companies mainly air LP versions these days so any single versions from vinyl are non-existent. I doubt music directors are in a production room recreating single versions prior to CD singles from the 80s or 90s. Guessing the listeners don't care.

    Me, as a completist, prefer single versions and radio edits for my own personal library. But, I'm a rare breed. LOL. I've often recreated short versions digitally, if possible. Otherwise, I've dubbed vinyl and cleaned them up with ClickRepair and Adobe Audition.
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