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Thread: WKDI Denton now CCM

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    WKDI Denton now CCM

    Or so it sounds when I turn it on briefly in the parking lot at my job in Centreville. It used to be infomercials mixed with dollar a holler preaching.


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    It still looks like "infomercials mixed with dollar a holler preaching" during the day, at night when it's just the FM translator on I guess they fill the airtime with music.

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    Lately I've been tuning in each morning to "The Old Trailblazer" over WKDI (a long-running 15 minute program from Louisiana). Yesterday I tuned in to hear music; well, sometimes they have technical troubles and the CCM keeps playing, but this was different. It was southern gospel. Well, guess what: they've switched and are now one of a small network of stations, "Joy FM".
    While I'll miss my show every morning, I can catch it online. I'd said before that I thought southern gospel would work here.

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    Yup even the old WKDI website redirects to Joy FM, missed this sale (or that WKDI was even for sale).

    The area was a little CCM saturated, especially now with DC's 107.3 flipping to KLove. I figured brokered may have been paying the bills but apparently not. Maybe Joy FM will work on the 100.5 signal, audio was always low and the signal overall a little lacking.

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