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    The "Spanish-esque" music is likely Haitian merengue, in Kreyol, a very distinct dialect of French. WJCC indeed broadcasts in Kreyol for the huge Haitian community in the Miami metro, and is heard widely... including Scandinavia, South America and even New Zealand and Australia.

    As to the 630, you are likely referring to Pachelbel's "Canon in D".

    But during evening reception on 630 from Arkansas, KIDD is very unlikely on a very crowded channel. KIDD is classical, as in Beethoven, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, etc. Sol Levine's format does not include vocals or "standards" during weekday hours (unless something has changed very recently). Essentially the only vocal classical music is opera, and classical stations tend to reserve opera only for specialty shows, such as weekends.

    KIDD rebroadcasts K-Mozart from Levine's Los Angeles operations on the HD4 of KKGO.

    There are a number of religious stations on 630, the most obvious one being St Louis, that might have had the kind of music you describe as part of a show. Similarly, the San Antonio station which is also religious could have had such content. And those are not the only nearby and more likely catches...

    KIDD is highly directional. Nearly no power goes east-southeast towards your location. Further, if you heard the station just before you posted, it would have still been daylight over most of the path from CA to AR.

    For reference, here is what KIDD played from 5 PM to 7 PM local time on Wednesday:

    5/1/19 7:22PM London Chamber/Christopher Warren-Green Vivaldi:Concerto For 4 Violins B Minor
    5/1/19 7:12PM Budapest Symphony Liszt: Polonaise Brillante
    5/1/19 7:01PM Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment Cpe Bach: Symphony In D Major
    5/1/19 6:54PM New Princess Theatre Orch/John Mcglinn Gershwin:Oh
    5/1/19 6:05PM Berlin Philharmonic Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2
    5/1/19 6:01PM Berlin Philharmonic/Herbert Von Karajan Offenbach: Bacarolle
    5/1/19 5:03PM Dallas Symphony Orch/Eduardo Mata Respighi:Pines Of Rome
    5/1/19 4:44PM Wiener Philharmoniker Mozart:Piano Sonata No. 8 In A Minor
    5/1/19 4:17PM Jean-Yves Thibaudet Tchaikovsky: Polonaise From Eugen Onegin
    5/1/19 4:00PM English Symphony/William Boughton Britten: Young Person's Guide To Orchest
    5/1/19 3:13PM Franz Schubert String Quintet Schubert: String Quintet In C Major
    5/1/19 3:09PM Scottish Chamber Orch/Alexander Faris Sullivan: Hms Pinafore Overture
    5/1/19 2:04PM National Philharmonic Orchestra Respighi: La Botique Fantasque

    They did not play the Canon in D today at any time.
    That would make sense for the 1700 for what I heard. If the KIDD report is false, then that would be the farthest AM station I have gotten (beating the two Chicago stations I picked up

    Ah. The time this station came in was between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM, making it 8:30-9:00 Pacific time, about the time California would experience its AM hops. It could've been when I tuned in, but I swear what I heard sounded like Cannon D (or one of its many derivatives, but not TSO's), bu then vocals sounding gospel/quoir/opera came in, so that just adds to the mystery.

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    When I lived in Fayetteville, KJSL 630 was like a local at night. As it now runs BBN programming, which includes a lot of traditional hymns, my guess is that was what you were getting.

    1600 was almost certainly KATZ. I currently live about an hour from Linn, and I can confirm that KATZ is the only 1600 nearby.

    690 was probably KGGF from Coffeyville, KS. That was my usual there.

    Surprised you got KAOK out of Lake Charles. 1400 was always a mishmash of various signal 20+ years ago. On a personal note, the worst excuse for a boss, and for a human being, I've ever met works down-the-hall from KAOK.

    Again, surprised you could get KGLD on 1330. That frequency was clear when I lived there, and I still never got much. I'd think KQIS, which wasn’t on-air yet, would stomp all over it today.

    1420 was always KBTN when I was there. If you heard another language, it probably wasn’t KBTN, though. I hear KBTN is running a classic rock format today.

    KLTK runs a Spanish-language format, though I'm not sure if it airs much talk programming. It also has a translator at 99.9, but you probably won’t get it in Fayetteville.

    Still not sure what you heard on 730 and 1380. My guess is that you heard the former KKDA on 730, but I can’t tell without knowing exactly what was airing. As for 1380, neither the Cardinals nor the Royals show any affiliates on 1380.

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    There is a 1600 AM in northern Missouri that airs adult contemporary music. I just can't remember where that one was at. With the type of music heard, KATZ is 100% likely. I am surprised at some of the stations I pulled in myself. I think I partially figured out the 730 and 1380 AM. I heard a cardinals game on 730, though am still unsure of 1380.

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    The 1600 from northern Missouri is KTTN-Trenton. They are 500 watts ND day and 33 watts ND at night.
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    Correct. No chance he was getting that station. I live about 100 miles as the crow flies from Trenton, and I've never logged it here. He was definitely getting KATZ. I had no trouble getting KATZ at night when I lived in Tulsa, but I can’t remember if I ever got it in Fayetteville.

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