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Thread: Another week, another WEEI controversy

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post
    RadioInsight: "During its 12 hour suspension of local programming so staff can attend sensitivity training, Entercom’s 93.7 WEEI Boston will air NBC Sports Radio programming including a six hour edition of PFT Live with Mike Florio from 6am-12pm."
    Probably the biggest audience he's ever had.

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    Major brand Unilever threatened to pull its ads from offending media and shook things up this week.
    Phony news, racist and extremist and sexist content have created a "swamp" with which Unilever does not want to be associated, Weed reportedly plans to say.
    But lets not kid ourselves about "training" eei has made a decision about how it can be #1 in morning drive and they aren't deviating from that. They are personality driven it isn't content that their listener wants. For the umpteenth time we have to listen (or not) to how the third man in the booth sucks and Kirk is ready to walk out.

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    Football season is over, but football talk is on the radio.
    I am enjoying PFT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raccoonradio View Post

    Globe's Leung on the latest WEEI controversy.
    I notice this site has all the links to the past weeks news stories about WEEI, in case anyone is coming in late to the game and wondering what the hubbub is about...

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