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Thread: When KLIF 1190 Dallas, Tx. went STEREO 1977

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    Quote Originally Posted by tested View Post
    The Sony SRF-A100. You can see one on this great page with several different AM stereo radios: http://www.amstereo.org/portable.htm
    Oh, THAT model! I own 3 of those. The original one I bought brand new at Sound Climax in Preston Canter in 1983 to listen to KRQX with. Problem with those radios nowadays is the electrolytic capacitors are failing. One of mine still plays perfectly. The audio was quite good from the earphone jack into the aux of any amplifier.

    I also have a Sansui component tuner that does all 4 of the AM Stereo systems automatically. It's audio quality wasn't nearly as good as the Sony. No highs at all, poor audio bandwidth as I recall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tested View Post
    I don't want to sound argumentative with you, of all people, but my timeline is not wrong. It was 1980 when the FCC made the Magnavox decision. They had started "testing" about 1975. Technically there were 5 systems when the "marketplace" decision happened, but Belar dropped out almost immediately. I am unaware of any lawsuit by Mr. Kahn in the 70s, but know he filed one in the late 80s claiming Motorola's system did not meet FCC standards. If you recall, what was the lawsuit about in the 70s?

    Also, the ease of making a multi-system chip does not count for the cost of licensing the technology from the 4 or 5 companies competing to be the standard. It was expensive. That's why only one such radio was made. (sure wish I had one)

    10 or 15 years too late, the 1993 FCC decision was just too late for AM radio. I have studied AM Stereo for decades as part of my love of radio. I was acutely aware of every move made in the battles over it at the time it was happening. I have always wondered where the band would be today if it had managed to get a good stereo standard adopted back when most listeners were tuned in to AM. It amazes me that today only about 8-10% of listening in the DFW area is on the AM band. Would it be 20-30% if stereo had been adopted in the late 70s or early 80s? Probably not, but who knows.
    Belar dropped out about the time Magnavox was chosen...I can ask Greg Buchwald...he was in the Cquam team and is a friend on FB.
    He knows Kahns constant lawsuit and BS was one main issue that killed AM stereo...Sony had the two chip system to decode all of them and Kahn sued them ...but he never licensed any rcvr designs for his ISB...and PLL radios killed the two radio method he so often cited as a way to listen to his AMS systen

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    Quote Originally Posted by tested View Post
    The Sony SRF-A100. You can see one on this great page with several different AM stereo radios: http://www.amstereo.org/portable.htm
    I own several Sony tsdios with.multimode AM stereo...in 84, I bought a XRA33 car radio with casette and AM stereo...the wide narrow filter worked great...listened to WLS at night in stereo driving 105 from Beaumont to Conroe

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    i remember KRQX
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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyNT View Post
    Stereo was around in '77 but I think the 1190 signal has always been too directional for it to work.
    I don't think stereo AM was really around until the early 80's. It wasn't till then that the Sony SRF-A100 stereo radios were sold. So no one could have listened to it before then. And after they did come out, there were probably as many sold as HD radios today. So basically, no one had them. And AM stereo was a big bust.

    I believe the Sony radios cost almost $100 each 30+ years ago so that was pretty damn expensive.

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    Ancient Modulation stereo sounded damned good on my Sony AM Stereo Walkman...until someone stole it. By that time you couldn't find one in the stores (pre Amazon) and the number of stations broadcasting in AM Stereo was in terminal decline. Could it have saved the band? Hell no...but it was a neat gimmick!
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