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Thread: Hallelujah

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    Mr. Seedless, just did a search and discovered your info is correct sir.

    Dan <><
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    The potential audience Hallelujah 100.3 will get has been there for years, but I think many have turned to non-terrestrial options rather than pick one of the local AMs. And the smaller full-power FMs that would have been perfect for most of the urban gospel format--one's K-Love and the others are doing talk radio.

    Wilkins Radio could've made a splash first if it committed WASG 540 & 97.9 to music.

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    What caused the demise of Kiss Fm again?! Will there be another station that will at least compete with WABD...

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    Y'know, I can only speculate but I don't think anything really caused the demise of Kiss FM. It just never took off the way iHeart wanted it to, I guess. That and the Beat urban format really did well on its little signal, and I figure it was a chance to put the spurs to BLX for a change instead of WABD. Either way they're going against big stations that Cumulus inherited and somehow haven't managed to completely screw up yet. They're ripe for a takedown, IMHO, but this market seems to be INCREDIBLY slow to embrace new formats when it comes to competition. Like how WPMI still can't seem to make headway against the college kids at WKRG and low-key WALA presentation with the legendary Bob Grip.

    It'll be interesting to see how fast Hallelujah eats away at WGOK since it's such a sea change from the pea-shooter AM to a pea-shooter FM signal+HD sub. But it's still FM and that's kind today for music.

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    What I don't get about this market is the thinking behind HD channels.

    I do not know why we have two smooth jazz hd2 channels. I think you should have Top 40 iHeart Radio Station (feed) due to the demise of Kiss Fm on either the 94.9-2, 96.1-3, 101.5-2, or even 107.3-2. Or even put a format that is at least similar to 94.9-2. Mobile/Pensacola markets program odd subchannel formats. Why did we move Smooth Jazz from 99.9-2 anyways? I understand WNTM and Hallelujah 100.3 but not Smooth Jazz, Dua Lipa on 101.5-2 (?!) on stations with great HD2 signal. Just a thought! Pass this to program managers for all iHeart Radio stations in the Mobile/Pensacola listening-area.

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