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Thread: WCCQ Playing Country Legends

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    WCCQ Playing Country Legends

    WCCQ has expanded their playlist to include Legend country favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Wayne View Post
    WCCQ has expanded their playlist to include Legend country favorites.
    Their playlist has always been pretty gold-friendly, they've just expanded the gold playlist. Definitely not a bad thing, especially when their competition won't play anything that isn't pop-country. Looks like they've got a local night show now instead of Lia off the bird, and new imaging. Amazing what happens when new ownership comes in! Now if only they'd fix their audio processing... when I was up there last month, it still sounded rather atrocious.

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    With the exception of some 1980s Alabama, looks like the Legend country favorites go back to the early 1990s, which it seems is normal these days for country gold.
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    I am really enjoying the music on WCCQ. Seems like they go 48 hours before a repeat of a tune. I wish a Chicago station would have this type of playlist since my reception is not the best.

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    Q Country 98.3

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