Jerry Van Dyke, Emmy-Nominated ‘Coach’ Actor, Dies at 86
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Thread: Jerry Van Dyke, Emmy-Nominated ‘Coach’ Actor, Dies at 86

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    Jerry Van Dyke, Emmy-Nominated ‘Coach’ Actor, Dies at 86

    Jerry Van Dyke, the younger brother of actor Dick Van Dyke and a four-time Emmy nominee, died Friday in Arkansas. He was 86.

    Jerry’s wife, Shirley Ann Jones, told the New York Times that his health had deteriorated since a traffic accident in 2015.

    Van Dyke’s television career began in tandem with his brother’s, as one of his earliest appearances was on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in 1962 as Stacey Petrie.

    Van Dyke was best known for his role as Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam on ABC’s “Coach,” which earned him four Emmy nominations.
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    Sad news. I liked him in a lot in "Coach" and I've seen him in so many other places.

    Last week on "The Middle" Mike took his father to a special place to die (and finally convinced him he had plenty to live for). Now his wife won't get a last visit with her father, at least not on screen.

    I remember when he was a bumbling deputy on "The Andy Griffith Show". He looked so much like Dick. Imagine Dick as Clark Kent. And he just got pushed around by bad guys while saying, "I Got a Badge". I think he was being considered as a replacement for Barney.

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    I loved the way he played the banjo on the Dick Van Dyke Show. RIP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by radioman148 View Post
    I loved the way he played the banjo on the Dick Van Dyke Show. RIP!
    Jerry did a lip-sync of Frankie Laine's "Mule Train" on Carson one night a LONG time ago.....he held a toy covered wagon during the bit.....
    One of the very FUNNIEST things I've ever seen in my life!!!
    You Tube MUST have a clip of this somewhere.....!!!

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    Carson Productions appears to have taken an iron grip over clips from the old Tonight Show.
    I fail to find almost anything from it on YouTube now.

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    His character was not mentioned in the episode, but last week "The Middle" showed his photo and honored him at the end.

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