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Thread: WOGL: Did the '90s ever even happen?

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    Oldies stations stuck with 1955-1972 much longer than they should have and that caused the format to come close to extinction. Some of us in the boomer generation seem to think thatr our music should be on the radio until the last boomer is in the ground, and that's not going to happen.
    and BOTH Philly and NYC are the perfect examples of that happening - I'm amazed that Harvey Holiday is STILL doin his streetcorner thing on 'OGL even with all the changes THEY'VE gone through - and in NYC, it basically lasted up until 2002 - and has continued to go downhill from there - even after the BIG event of 2007.....

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    Interestingly(?), WTDY has put a lot of the '80s tunes back in. Maybe 1 per hour. And a lot of them are also playing on WOGL (Straight Up/Paula Abdul, Your Love/The Outfield). Personally, I think this is a good idea. The stations sound nothing like each other and it's OK that they share a few '80s tracks.

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